PLACE Collaboratory

Bringing Theory to Practice is a national initiative, launched in 2003, to advance the core purposes of college: holistic learning, preparation for meaningful work and democratic citizenship, contribution to community wellbeing, and the flourishing of the whole person. Offering all students such transformative education, we believe, requires transformative change in higher education.

Since 2003, BT2P has worked with nearly six hundred colleges and universities to support campus projects in such areas as civic engagement, student wellbeing, and holistic learning. More recent initiatives have shifted from campus-by-campus innovation to multi-institutional projects like the PLACE Collaboratory, aimed at creating communities of practice and networked collaboration. (Read here to learn more about BT2P’s past and the books we have published about it.)

That evolution led to our current focus: the Paradigm Project. This ambitious, multiyear initiative is a response to the current inflection-point of crisis and opportunity in higher education. It seeks to advance systemic change in college learning by developing new models of holistic, integrative education, building a national network of changemakers, and working to reframe the public narrative about the purposes and future of higher education. Learn more about the Paradigm Project—and join us.