Our Team & Our Home

Our Team

Our Home

Bringing Theory to Practice moved to Elon University at Elon, NC in 2020, after 15 years at the Association of American Colleges and University in Washington, DC. We’re grateful to AAC&U for hosting us, and we look forward to continued collaboration. We’re excited now to have faculty, staff, and student colleagues and a campus home — especially on a campus so resonant with the mission and values of BT2P.

Elon is a national leader in engaged, holistic education. Friends of BT2P will be interested in its well-known Core Curriculum, its requirements for experiential learning, and the opportunities it offers students for civic engagement, global learning, and other high-impact practices. We’re happy that BT2P supported these programs with several grants over the years and that Elon is one of the eleven institutions in our PLACE Collaboratory.

Elon is home to other important public-facing programs, along with BT2P. These include NC Campus Engagement and the university’s Center for Engaged Learning, an internationally recognized pedagogy and curriculum design innovation hub. We look forward to learning from and working with our Elon colleagues.