What Have We Learned?

The institutions with which BT2P has worked make up a kind of distributed laboratory of educational innovation. What have we learned from their efforts? Our publications and newsletters offer part of the answer. Research colleagues and BT2P consultants have also documented, analyzed, and assessed the implications of projects we have supported and initiated. Here are links to some key resources.

We welcome suggestions of additional research based on BT2P-supported projects.

Collective Summaries and Assessments of BT2P Projects

Research and Practice Findings Linked to BT2P Projects:

Narrative Case Studies

In 2014, Bringing Theory to Practice commissioned seven case studies, written by Sally Reed, of significant projects supported by BT2P. The narratives offer in-depth accounts of innovative work at a range of institutions on diverse themes central to our mission. Concise information about these projects is also available in the Projects Database.