Our Community

PLACE Collaboratory

Like our logo, Bringing Theory to Practice is composed of circles. Some are small, like our staff and Advisory Board. Some develop through project partnerships like the PLACE Collaboratory or our Multi-Institutional Innovation Grants. Some come together episodically in workshops or book projects.

The most encompassing circle is our national and international community of educators and innovators. Its boundaries are blurry. We aren’t a membership association or consortium, but rather a loose coalition of practitioners, researchers, faculty, staff, administrators, and students. We’ve reached critical mass by thinking, convening, writing, and working together. Since 2003, BT2P has supported more than six hundred projects on more than four hundred campuses. One hundred forty authors have contributed to our books and journal issues. Some five thousand colleagues get our Bringing It letters every two weeks. And we work closely with like-minded organizations across higher education; some of those friends and allies are listed below.

What connects this community is more than grants and newsletters. It’s our belief in an education system that offers all students active learning, inclusive well-being, and preparation for meaningful work and democratic citizenship. And our belief that such holistic, transformative education requires transformational change.

We’re grateful to collaborate with these friends and allies, along with many others across higher education.