News & Events

Watch this space for news, events, announcements, and opportunities from BT2P and others in higher education and beyond. If you want us to post news or announcements, please contact [email protected].


BT2P’s Newest Newsletter Is Now Online: We’re happy to share with you our Spring Newsletter, which is centered upon the theme of The Way Forward. Though now digital, we will continue to publish the Newsletter three times a year and continue to engage the core themes of BT2P’s mission. We are excited to explore new modes of storytelling and outreach, and we welcome your feedback, suggestions, and pitches.

AAC&U & Interfaith Youth Core share an exciting partnership and recent e-book publication: Interfaith Cooperation for Our Times: Educating Citizens for a Diverse Democracy can be downloaded for free and applications for the 2022 Institute on Interfaith Excellence are now open! You can find more information here.

BT2P Announces the Paradigm Project: An ambitious multiyear initiative, the Paradigm Project will work to develop new models of holistic, inclusive, engaged learning and to catalyze systemic change—not simply piecemeal innovation—across higher education. The Paradigm Project is enabled by generous support from The Endeavor Foundation, including a new three-year award of $1.5 million.

Civic Learning & Democracy Engagement: BT2P recently joined forces with dozens of higher education and student success organizations to announce a “Shared Commitment” to make “Democracy Learning a Top Priority for Postsecondary Education.” You can read more about the campaign in Bringing It #71.



CUMU’s 27th Annual Conference: The Essential Role of Urban and Metropolitan Universities is being held in San Diego, California, from October 23-26, 2022. Focused on CUMU member institutions and their community partners, participants will reflect on how universities in urban and metropolitan environments lead progress through community, equity, and innovation. Please click here to register.

NASPA is hosting its 2022 Civic Learning and Democratic Engagement Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from June 21-24, 2022. This conference will bring together faculty, student affairs professionals, students, campus administrators, and community partners to facilitate civic learning and democratic engagement conversations. Please click here to register.