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The Spelman College Total Well-Being Course


Funded by a Psychosocial Well-Being Initiative Grant from Bringing Theory to Practice, Spelman College, a historically Black women’s college, created an experimental Total Well-Being Course, focused on mindfulness, positive identity, and self-care for Black women.  The course explored such issues as identity development, finding purpose and balance, ethical well-being, interpersonal skills, and how to flourish during times of change and adversity.  The goals of the program were to promote self-awareness, self-care, motivation and commitment.  The course was successful as a pilot, and it has evolved into a wellness curriculum required of Spelman women for graduation.


Spelman College

Institutional Type:

  • 4-year liberal arts college
  • Historically Black College or University


  • Student well-being
  • Integrating academics and student life
  • Curricular innovation




Kimberly Ferguson, [email protected]