Projects of the BT2P Community

Extending the Conversation: Developing Active Citizenship in the Sophomore Year


One hallmark of the St. Olaf curriculum are Conversation programs, interdisciplinary team-taught explorations of significant problems, themes, and texts.  The college used a BT2P Program Development grant to integrate active citizenship into several Conversations, with special attention to learning in the sophomore year.  The project enabled faculty and staff from the college’s Piper Center for Vocation and Career to integrate civic, personal, and career development into sophomore-year Conversations.  It built on an earlier BT2P grant that encouraged faculty to integrate opportunities for civic and community-based learning into the curriculum.


St. Olaf College

Institutional Type:

  • 4-year liberal arts college


  • Civic and community engagement
  • Work and learning
  • Integrating academics and student life
  • Curricular innovation
  • Program design




Miriam Brown, Dana Gross